Predicting a hit is harder than ever. We can help

We build AI systems to process, analyze, and fingerprint music. Given any new track, the system can accurately forecast its hit potential nine times out of ten.

New Release Ranking

Our AI system constantly monitors the web for new releases and ranks them based on their hit potentials. Stay weeks ahead of mainstream charts to discover breaking songs and artists.

Track Deep Analysis

Analyze a new track in depth with our proprietary AI algorithms and benchmark its sonic fingerprint  against hit elements through time to get unique & objective indicators of new tracks' hit potential.

How It Works

Audio processing & decomposition

Audio file


Identification, analysis & selection

Benchmark against hit elements through time

Sonic fingerprint

Hit potential


Who Should Use



Use Resonoo to get unique & actionable insights on which songs and their writers can break out.

Rather than investing millions in the wrong direction, use Resonoo to get an objective indicator of songs’ potential and get a higher ROI.

Let Resonoo handle the laborious screening process so you can discover hot songs ahead of your peers and save 90% time.


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